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All are welcome here

You are not alone or unusual if you are seeking mental health care. Challenges associated with most psychiatric disorders first occur before age 25. We specialize in treatment and support for persons aged 6 to 36 and their families in King County and throughout Washington State.

We work with patients to improve developmental outcomes and support you as you optimize your mental health.

If you are a young person dealing with your own or someone else’s mental health challenges, life can start to seem hopeless.

If you are the parent or guardian of youth impacted in any way by mental health problems, it is easy (and common) to feel helpless.
If people around you insist that professional help is needed and you do not see the need, relationships can be frustrating.

We all live with problems: and they need not define us. Wellness and recovery are accessible for anyone. There are many paths of wellness and recovery, so I offer a diverse set of evidence-proven services to help you find hope and meaning your way. 

A free 15-minute appointment is available to discuss services offered and to see if we seem like a good fit to work together.